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In Pursuit of God's Will



The will of God, or the intention of God, has baffled the mind of some of the greatest thinkers in the areas of rationalism and reason. Amid the vast quantities of information at hand and the incredible amount of ongoing biblical archaeology, individuals continue their quest to learn more about God. Through In Pursuit of God's Will, author Everton I. Anderson helps readers in their quest for knowledge about the will of God. His work helps to clarify and solidify the meaning of God's will. Anderson also offers guides to help seekers review their purpose, redefine their goals, refine their aspirations, and renounce their selfish motives. Discover the sovereignty of God in all aspects of life-the good and the bad. In Pursuit of God's Will shows the necessity of holiness in relation to right living. Within these pages, God has more light and truth to bring forth on the mystery of His will.


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